Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mind your wake

Warning: Pet peeve rant ahead!

Now, that's a wake!

One of the things that frustrate me, is the wake that boaters generate. I should really take a picture of the "No Wake" sign on waterways that's being tossed around by someone's wake.

Where we are in the canals, for some reason, the boats most oblivious to causing wakes are....surprise...sailors! Yes, that is a surprise, as I was (still am) a sailor. So that really pains me.

I learned early in my sailing days about the damages a wake can create. Way back when I learnt sailing, I used to often take a Laser  and explore little bays, go where other boats could not go. I just enjoyed being in nature, I would see big and small fishes in the small bays, and then as I was in a tiny bay, I would feel and see the effects of a boat buzzing by. I literally saw and felt the effect on the environment....motor boating is not natural and disturbs ecology.

And in the modern society, well, wakes also damage the shore walls. Requiring maintenance and update.

I am now, a power boating, tho I still sail occasionally, but I am probably anal about looking behind me to make sure there is no wake to disturb nature and boats docked.

Take to extremes, it can caused a lot damage, such as what happened last week Italy (on Aug 28, 2016).

So, yes, please mind your wake.

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