Monday, October 24, 2016

Tiny boat crosses gulf stream to Bahamas

I have this secret dream about voyaging the ocean on a tiny boat, frankly not sure I would have the balls to actually do it. But it can and is getting done. So, I always enjoy reading about small boat travels.

Dave's Paradox 14

One blog I follow and really enjoy is called Graduating to a smaller boat, the author Dave last year has sailed around the Hawaii islands, sounds easy, but it is not.

This past Saturday, he posted about his crossing of the Gulf stream from Key Largo to Bimini on his Paradox 14 (4.2m designed by Matt Layden) that he himself built. I love the Paradox 14 for a single handler (I even have the plans), but if I ever see one close by, I'm buying it!

Anyways, believe it or not, he is not the first one on such a small boat. Many have done the crossing to the Bahamas, most notably Dave Bolduc on his 3.6 meter ENIGMA (also designed by Matt Layden).

Congrats guys, well done!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another video blog to follow: RAN sailing

There are so many great sailing/cruising blogs.

Once a while, I will add one to the list here that I really enjoy.

This one, RAN Sailing towards distant shores is very well done. The corresponding blog is here

Very simple and well done. The video footage is clean, and enhanced by many drone fly-bies. Their stories are clear. I'm not sure why, I do prefer the videos of between 5-10 mins long, tho I do follow others that are much longer.

The different and very interesting part here, is that they are cold weather sailors. I'm always impressed by people who sail in cold and even snowy weather. I am not a big fan of anything below 5C, such a wimp.

The name Ran is for the goddess of the deep ocean of the nordic mythology.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tracking and Webcams on hurricane Matthew

As much as I love the Bahamas, boy I am glad to not be there right now as hurricane Matthew bears down towards it, could be hitting Nassau directly.

Hurricane Isabel from space

I hope everyone gets out and is prepare very well ahead of this.

For people that are far and are curious, okay, call us hurricane voyeurs! There are many webcams, lets see how long they stay up
And many in Florida (should be Thursday)

Also, there's a great hurricane tracker here, in real time

Stay safe!
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