Thursday, March 2, 2017

Foldable Canoe

A few years ago, someone create a foldable layak called Oru.  Very cool and useful.

I believe, the same people have now developed a foldable canoe. Also very cool.


When Oru came around, they only had one model. Now they have many models, and most of them are SOLD OUT. A proof that many people like the portability, lightweight and ease of storage of these contraptions.

At the time, I actually developed for fun some plans for a foldable Kayak. I only went so far as creating a paper version of it. It seemed decent enough.

With the winter still upon me here in Simcoe county (Ontario, Canada), I think its time to dust off this plan. So, at the next free weekend (when I can no longer ice fish!), maybe I'll finally build / fold it. If its any decent, I will OpenSource the plans. As I have a hard time justifying $1000 on a foldable kayak when it's basically made from at the most $30 of Coroplast?!

I'll keep you posted.
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