Friday, February 16, 2018

Crow 16

I love small sailboats, specially ones where you can camp cruise.

Crow 16

One guy that has been designing and building his own boats, Roy Schreyer of has designed and build several boats.

Roy does live fairly close by here (Alliston, I believe), I hope to one day cross wake and meet him and his boats.

No, that I have anytime to build a boat, but his Crow 16 catched my eye. Beach cruiser, with quite a bit of internal space (including a queen bunk - I kid you not), stable, can be sailed from the cabin Nice. And it is a Scow, I really like these type of designs. These designs are making a comeback in smaller boats now.

Also check out his YouTube channel, many interesting videos, mostly of his tiny innovative houseboat design called Rose.


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