Thursday, July 26, 2018

A harrowing story

Not that I like harrowing stories, but when it is well documented like this one, I find it helpful to prepare you and see what you would have done differently.

Kelaerin - An Omega 45' Cutter

Also, in this case, the couple had been circumnavigating the glove for 17 years, and they have over 270,000 sea miles experience, so it is even more interesting to see/understand what happened.

Read and learn.

Interesting to know, the boat, was recovered and still floating a month later.

Reading the Coast Guard report, one thing I noticed was: "The sailing vessel wasn’t actively taking on water, but seawater had washed aboard."

Not sure why they abandoned the ship then, however reading the story, there was not much time to make a decision, so I would probably have done as they did.

Of course, sobering, but if you have time do read Steven & Linda Dashew: Surviving the Storm: Coastal and Offshore Tactics.

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